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Wireless Network

Wireless Assistance Calling and Security System The Authority of Safe Home

Wireless system or communication had its starting at the

turn of Twentieth Century with the great invention of radio. From that time, the influence of instant communication over wide range has changed the society and made the earth a smaller place.

Advantages of Wireless Communication Systems

Wireless assistance calling system has easily and quickly becoming a general norm for the purpose of school networking, businesses as well as homes. The rise of wireless communication is not only the reason people love it, but also the ease of creating a standard and powerful wireless network for numerous benefits. We, are SGSN, provides high quality wireless security and calling systems at affordable price, so that any of our clients can get it for their home or office.

  • It is a secure, easier to install and a faster support.
  • You do not need wires, and no extra cost of installation. You can use internet with it for the purpose of faster communication and better accessing and faster wireless networking.
  • This has been used worldwide from both domestic and commercial purpose. In fact, there is no tensions for cut off pr leakages of any wire, since, the device is wireless.


Nowadays most of the houses and commercial premises use wireless assistance calling and security system for short or long distance communication. This system offers great technology features. You might be wondered how safe and secure this system is and how easily it protects your home and office.