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Video Door Phone

Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe With Video Door Phone

To make your abode a secured one,

you require constant observance. But when you remain out of town for months for business purposes, is it possible for you to keep your business premises or your family safe? Yes, indeed it is; with the revolutionary security devices that are manufactured by utilizing the latest technologies.

Approaching towards well-being

The SGSN welcomes all the valuable clients to move forward for exploring all the various security products. We have a wide variety of world-class security products for both local and international clients. Among a plethora of products, the one that best suits the household needs is the video door phone. These are one of the most easy to use security devices.

Various kinds of door phones

The best part about a video door phone is that it captures the picture of the person who knocks at your door. This largely helps in keeping strangers out. Some of the types which are available are as follows:

  • LCD door phone – The LCD screen fixed in the device allows it to detect a visitor even in the dark.
  • Wireless door phone – Upon identifying the person, this device automatically releases the lock with the aid of a remote control.
  • Three camera door phones – This kind of device is equipped with three cameras by which the visitor can be viewed from three angles.
  • Screen door phone – Some of the features of this device are color display and have a crystal clear large screen. Few are also equipped with infrared illuminators.