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Switcher With Mic and Speaker

Switcher systems from SGSN

SGSN was established in the year 2006 at Delhi; however, it soon

extended its branches to the international market and now has its wings even in the EMEA and the Asia Pacific regions, namely; Saudi Arabia in the Middle East and Australia.

The group provides services in systems and networking, mainly. It also caters to the security division by bringing out security cameras, spy cameras, biometric face recognition systems, access controls and many more. The best part about the organization is the punctuality and the effectiveness of its services. Because of the overwhelming customer responses, their business continues to grow worldwide.

One of their highly successful products is the switcher with mic and speaker.

  1. Silent switcher: a switcher converts the voltage and current characteristics of an electrical power system. A silent switcher has wide input voltage range and ultra low emissions.
  2. One Way Switcher: In case of a one way switcher, the power is transmitted one way i.e. in a unidirectional way.
  3. Two-Way-Switcher: Two way switchers transmit power in both directions. From the camera or personal computer to the main node and vice versa.
  4. Matrix Switcher: A matrix or a cross bar switcher has all many input and output line and all are configured together in a matrix form. In the case of this switcher, the connection is formed by closing a switch which is there in every junction.
  5. Quad Processor: A quad core processor is a chip which has four cores that help in understanding the instructions coming from CPU.