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Wireless Network

Wireless Assistance Calling and Security System The Authority of Safe Home Wireless

Security Camera Systems

Both office and residence owners these days give more importance to security instead of the interior decoration

Switcher With Mic and Speaker

Switcher systems from SGSN SGSN was established in the year 2006 at Delhi; however, it soon

Access Control

SGSN provides services for access control SGSN, was incorporated in the year 2006 and by 2015,

Biometric System

Few Important Services Facilitated By SGSN SGSN, aims to empower their clients with a

Video Door Phone

Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe With Video Door Phone To make your abode a secured one,

Fire Alarm, Smoke Detector

Prevent The Damage To People And Property With Fire Alarm Systems A short circuit is the most common

Digital Video Recorder

Replay Your Preferred Serials With A Digital Video Recorder Along with the production of a huge range of security

Networking Solutions

Wireless Networking and Interactive Technology for Comprehensive and Stable IT Solutions Networking solutions for small and medium business enterprises can

Digital Signage

SGSN taking care of all your Digital Signage requirements SGSN is a India-based company that deals with providing all sorts of

FTTH Solutions

Air connect Services providing FTTH Solutions SGSN was first launched in 2006 and was only operational in New Delhi

Vehicle Tracking Systems

Professional and Easy Real Time GPS Tracking Solutions Who generally uses these vehicle tracking