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Network Security Solutions

SGSN provides solution for all cyber-related problems

SGSN is a world famous organization that caters to both the public as well as the private companies in providing the best solution to all cyber hiccups. All the services and products sold by them are targeted towards keeping the identity of the company and the individuals secured and safe. It also designs high-tech software to battle against the most fierce malware and viruses on the planet. It has first received recognition by selling secure WAN and LAN as well as WLAN management for both office and personal use.

Cyber security and threat management

  • Firewall protection: It works with the next generation in firewall protection software which is capable of filtering internet traffic by engaging a number of ports. They are designed to pick out more malicious malware threats than any traditional firewall protector.
  • Unified Threat Management: This software manages all kinds of cyber problems related to the ever-growing IT infrastructure. Its features include remote access, advanced antivirus, state-of-art firewalls and complicated encryption systems.
  • Mitigation of DDoS: Successfully keeps DDoS threats at bay. While the Distributed Denial of Service was a rarity in the ancient times, it is now a common phenomenon and anyone with a limited knowledge of the World Wide Web can launch an attack of DDoS on any potential target. The latest DDoS mitigation tools ensure that this does not happen.
  • Remote Access Solution: Something that enhances the productivity of a company by letting an array of users belonging to separate security backgrounds gain access to the network.