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FTTH Solutions

Air connect Services providing FTTH Solutions

SGSN was first launched in 2006 and was only operational in New Delhi

at the time. Now it has extended its wings to many parts of Asia as well as Australia and has catered to the WAN, LAN, WLAN and FTTH requirements of countless households. People have been opting for its services due to the fact that it has proven in many ways to be better than the traditional technologies offered in the market.


FTTH connectivity

FTTH is also known as the Fiber To The Home connection that was first started by BSNL in India and still remains to this day the most popular form of internet connectivity for both personal and official use due to its many benefits:

  • MPEG2: This is the technology where the user prefers the TV over the IP service.
  • VoD: This Video on Demand solution is the option of MPEG4 provided to the users of FTTH which is almost like the features of a VCR.
  • Extended bandwidth: No one extends the bandwidth as FTTH does, where unlimited bandwidth is offered to the people
  • Interactive gaming: This is an additional bonus where ardent gamers can enjoy the benefits of interactive games, where multiple gaming buddies can interact with each other during playing the same game, which enhances the experiences of the overall game.
  • VPLS: Virtual Private LAN Service is fast becoming a popular phenomenon as more and more people are realizing its benefits especially in a workspace where a number of computers need to be internally connected so that they can share data.