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Fire Alarm, Smoke Detector

Prevent The Damage To People And Property With Fire Alarm Systems

A short circuit is the most common

reason for the breakout of fire. This can take place inside your house as well as in your workplace. Unlike the earlier times, the employees can be alerted about the breakout of a fire with a fire alarm system. Not only every house but every company owner must engage in the installation of these systems to avert the damage to people as well as the property.

Importance of smoke alarms

We at SGSN, take pride to be capable of manufacturing some of the most high end fire alarm systems that are also regarded as smoke detectors. The early warning provided by these devices gives ample time to the people inside a property to move out. We bring the best products at pocket-friendly prices.

Our fire alarm consists of a control panel which ranges between 2 to 32 zones; also this is smoke, LGP and heat detector. On top of that blows siren during any fatal occurrence. And moreover it has a manual call point, response indicator and an auto dialer.



Viewing the features

Remember, the early signal is beneficial to life safety for these various reasons:

  • The evacuation time augments for the property occupants before the fire spreads and becomes uncontrollable.
  • If required, emergency medical aid can also be instantly sent.
  • The fire department staff can be contacted fast who will help people to exit the property safely.

Here at SGSN, the certified technicians of our company install the devices proficiently. Remember, this is such an investment that proves to be the best and a life saver for any businesses.