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Digital Signage

SGSN taking care of all your Digital Signage requirements

SGSN is a India-based company that deals with providing all sorts of

digital and technological solutions including installing spy cameras, CCTV cameras as well as taking care of one’s LAN and WAN setup requirements. It has been delivering excellent service pan Asia and Australia since its initiation in the year 2006, when it only held head quarters in New Delhi. Its varied services have recently come to include Digital Signage Solutions that combines technologies such as network administration as well as graphic designing and is mainly targeted at network management and content creation.


Digital Signage services

Digital Signage operates under a number of network-related services. These include:

  • Content Creation Service: This includes the coding of complicated apps, recording audio and video files, graphic-designing etc. The content can also be obtained from a third party if necessary along with provision for third part management and clever content strategies.
  • Network Management Service: Proper management of resources such as content library, work labor, network owner resource etc can become troublesome for people who are inexperienced in the field of handling networking business. It also carries the capability to manage updates from different software and tune in to call support regarding this field from time to time.
  • Data Integration Service: It controls the integration of content timelines on-screen, which in turn, proves greatly beneficial in audience messaging. This also includes CMS, or content management system, which leverages assets such as these, through the network, and not just imitates their storage in the respective DSS software package.