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Biometric, Time Attendance, face recognition, Access Control

Few Important Services Facilitated By SGSN

SGSN, aims to empower their clients with a

huge array of new services. We make sure that our clients are able to achieve new levels of safety in their workplaces as well as homes with our advanced systems. Some of the new services our company delivers are Biometric systems, Time attendance, Face recognition and Access Control Systems. Our only mission is to simplify the life of your clientele by giving them systems that ensure safety to the highest level.

Knowing the various features

Biometric System – An automated system that is able to detect a person by measuring his behavioral and physical patterns is regarded to be a biometric system. Some of the security products include fingerprint scanner, attendance system and many more. Problems that result from lost IDs can now be eliminated with the installation of these systems.

Time Attendance system – Various kinds of thefts and vandalism can be prevented if you constantly have a track of who comes and goes out of your office at what time. For this, the installation of a time attendance system is necessary that not only verifies the identity of a person but records the time-out and time-in as well.

Facial recognition system – This is a system which is highly useful for both houses and offices. It is that device that views the picture of a person for comparing it to the one that is already in the database. Some of the methods included in this system are automatic face processing, feature analysis,and neural network etc.

Access control security systems – Restrict the entry of unauthorized users in labs and other areas with advanced access control security systems. A capture and lock mechanism operates in these systems for controlling access to particular data. These systems also decrease the need for manpower.