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Audio Video & Voice Solutions

SGSN providing Audio, Video and Voice call solutions

SGSN is not an unfamiliar name in the market. This company provides a number of automation solutions and services such as setting up CCTV camera equipments, WAN and LAN management and Audio Video & Voice Solutions. Clients have been all praises of the company since the year it was launched, which was 2006. The main objective of the company is to provide an array of electronic machines as well as other technological requirements for offices under one destination.

Audio, Video and Voice call solutions

The telecommunications services SGSN provide with respect to audio, video and voice solutions is one of the most advanced and technically sound in the market.

  • Audio conferencing service: A kind of virtual bridge is created among more than two people, who may be from varied locations, through which they enter into an audio conference. For this, interested parties have to dial a specific telephone number and have enough knowledge of a confidential pass code.
  • Voice connectivity service: it is a unique data connectivity service where a considerable amount of data is transmitted via secure, optical networks, which is flexible and hence allows one’s business to grow.
  • Voice mail service: This specially designed for the post-paid users, where they don’t have to miss any important calls if they are too busy to attend to them.
  • Video conferencing service: This is not very different from the concept of audio conferencing except the fact that you would be able to view the live feed of the people you are conferencing with.