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Access Control, Time and Attendance

SGSN provides services for access control

SGSN, was incorporated in the year 2006 and by 2015,

it has established its branches in the international market very successfully. The company provides services in security system mainly and so supplies items like CCTV cameras, security cameras, switchers, access control, fire alarm and other home security services. The company is well noted for its services in the WAN, LAN, WLAN and other network management systems as well.


The Access Control, Time & Attendance

For perfect controlling of access in any premises or for checking the attendance of the employees, the devices what they deal into is something unparallel.


  • ACCESS CONTROLLER: An access controller is used to control the access of individuals to a place through passwords, smart cards, finger prints or similar mediums.


  • PROXIMITY READER: For security purposes, a proximity reader is used. The proximity readers are basically intelligent programming technology which can recognize a proximity card detail when it is held near to the reader.


  • EXIT SWITCH: Exit switches are part of security switch control system. These are the switches which need to be activated for an employee or personnel to exit successfully through a security door.


  • PROXIMITY CARD: Proximity card is essential for physical access control. These are contact less cards that can be recognized by reader as soon as the card is held close to it.


  • E M LOCK: The Electro Magnetic Lock is a high profile security application which used electromagnet for functioning.


  • 4 CORE CABLE: In case of core cables, conductors of a single circuit are twisted together. It is an essential item for electromagnetic security systems.


  • LAN CABLE: A LAN cable is a twisted pair cable which is used for carrying signals in a secured network.


  • POWER SUPPLY: The power supply needs to be consistent and smooth flowing.